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The Adventures Of Kusoge Activation Code [hack]

Updated: Mar 16

The Adventures Of Kusoge Activation Code [hack] --

About This Game In the kingdom of Settingsland, the Tyrant King reigns supreme. According to prophecy, only one of the legendary Candy Cane Knights will be able to defeat the Tyrant King. In this comedy RPG adventure, step into the armor of Kusoge, accomplished user of the Candy Cane Greatsword style and one of the few who can properly wield peppermint candy canes, as you seek to free your homeland from the tyranny of Tyrant King and his Four Gehenna Knights. On the way you will find allies, fight through dungeons, and maybe, just maybe, find true love. ...Or at least get laid. FEATURES: *FOUR HOURS of single player content! That's more than modern AAA FPSes! *Irreverant humor, some of it of adult nature! *Five unique dungeons! Wowee! *Music! NPCs! Dialogue! Shops! *A classic JRPG experience, but with lots of silliness to boot! *Made by a lifelong gamer with no programming experience! 6d5b4406ea Title: The Adventures of KusogeGenre: RPGDeveloper:OctoberRavenPublisher:OctoberRavenRelease Date: 8 Feb, 2018 The Adventures Of Kusoge Activation Code [hack] the adventures of kusoge What Never Was - Now available for Mac: What Never Was can now be played on Mac, so if you've been missing out - download it now!. What Never Was - Patch #1: Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for playing What Never Was!It's been tremendous reading all of the reviews, seeing the playthroughs and hearing your thoughts and comments about the game.I've also read some things that can be better and have done my best to sort some of it out. Here's what the patch fixes: The subtitles are now bigger. If the subtitles have been turned off, they will now stay off. The SKIP INTRO text sometimes stays after the intro. Invert Y now also affects Mouse movement. The music in the Main Menu is slightly lower, and also doesn't reset after completing the game. The Gramophone now fades out properly in the ending, if it has been turned on. Game is now Borderless when in Windowed mode.. What Never Was - Patch #3: Patch 3 is here: Minor spelling-fixes Inventory and in-game credits should now work better in various resolutions. What comes next?: Hi everyone. It's been a full month since What Never Was released publicly. First off, let me just thank each and every person of the 50.000+ people that downloaded and played What Never Was. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me, left kind and encouraging words in reviews and to the content creators who played the game on Twitch and YouTube. Thanks to all of you for making these years of toiling and fiddling with my small dream-game an amazing experience!Also a tremendous thank you to the small band of people who helped out with the game in various ways - you guys made it shine in ways I couldn't make it shine myself. I'm simply floored by the response and the past month has been very surreal in more ways than one.So what happens now?There has been lots of questions and speculation about the length and ending of the game, and I will be as transparent as I can about this - This is not, and was never intended as a demo. This is all that has been produced so far. In my mind, this was the first level of a longer game, to which I had the broad strokes of a full story for, but one that I never thought I would get the chance to make the entirety of. The short experience that I've made has taken four+ years for me to make since I've been working on it from scratch and more or less by myself, so upon release I was more or less ready to let this go and do something else.However, seeing the reception it has gotten I can happily say that as of this week:Production of What Never Was: Chapter II (working title?) has started!I will not be making a kick-starter since I have a full time job already, but I do have a PayPal Donate link[] which you can use if you liked my game and have a dollar or so to spare! :)That being said, I'm still working on this thing alone, on my spare time, and have no real idea how long it will take but I do know where I want Sarah's journey to take her and approximately what is required to let it do so. My hopes are also that since I have the framework and much more know-how now than when I started, it won't take as long, but we will see.If fate or magic allows, Sarah will return, and when she does I hope you do too!Thank you so much for your support and love!Acke Hallgren Matchy Star RTS Commander: Smash the Rebels What Never Was What Never Was - Now available for Linux: What Never Was can finally be played on machines with Linux!. What Never Was - Patch #2: What Never Was has now been updated with it's second patch. It's a small one, but with one highly requested feature in particular that I'm happy to share with you all! Key Bindings are now available, allowing for greater accessibility Journal Page 3 was updated due to incorrect text Minor bug-fixes


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